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       Rev. Otis Lynn Dillon, 57, of Fort Gay, WV, entered into rest Wednesday, June 24, 2015. Otis was born November 29, 1957 in Louisa, KY to Rev. Otis Dillon and the late Lillian Evans- Dillon. He is survived by his loving wife Sonya Lynn Williamson-Dillon and daughter Lillian Kay Dillon, two sisters, Kay and husband Randall Sartin of Fort Gay, WV, Brenda and husband Larry Smith of Fort Gay, WV, and a host of other family, friends, and co-workers. He was preceded in death by an aunt Lorena Evans, and an uncle John Dillon.
He was an Elder of the Saltpetre Community Church where he served as Chairman of the Media Ministries. He was formerly the Assistant Pastor of Silver Creek Church. He was self-employed as the owner of River Track Studio for many years where he recorded many projects that were popular in the bluegrass, gospel, and country industries. He was a very accomplished musician both on the road and in the studio. He was a very loving and caring individual who left his mark on every life that he ever touched. He will be truly missed by all who ever knew him. Although the time of his departure was set by God before the foundation of the world, there will be a time of re-unitement reserved only for those that have been purchased by the blood of Christ.
Memorial services will be held Sunday June 28, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. at the Saltpetre Community Church with Rev. Chris Wilson and Rev. Gabriel Smith officiating. There will be a dinner in the fellowship hall following the service. In lieu of flowers the family has requested that you bring framed photographs to display at the service. Care has been entrusted to Wilson Funeral Home, Louisa, KY.

Otis Lynn Dillon. KB8JEB
By Tom Lykins, K4LID and Fred Jones, WA4SWF

       Whenever we hear of the sudden passing of a friend or a loved one, we are shocked, saddened and ask why?

      Tonight, we lost a great friend in Otis Lynn Dillon of Fort Gay, West Virginia. My personal memories of Otis go back to 1990 when he and others went to Ashland Community College to study for their Amateur Radio exam. This class was taught by the late Dave Vest KZ4G and others. Otis was so happy he passed his test and, upon the receipt of his license, he became KB8JEB.

As many a new ham operator will do, he lived on the radio making new friends all over the Tri-state. I first met Otis in the winter of 1990 when there was a computer problem with the one we had at the police Department. He took care of the problem and we became better friends than before.
Otis was active in the Big Sandy Amateur Radio club and would go to hamfests with Fred Jones and I.
As many of you know, he, along with his Father owned River Tracks recording studio. Many a person, where soloist or group recorded their songs and Otis helped them achieve the best they could be. Some may have gone to further their career.

As many of you know, Otis had heart trouble and had surgery in the past. At a time like this when we lose a dear friend there are no words to express our sense of loss and foreboding. No tongue can tell how we feel even it is claimed by some that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.
Otis was a part-time tele-communicator for the Lawrence County 911 center and was assistant pastor of the Silver Creek United Baptist Church in Crum, West Virginia.

Rather thinking of his passing, I want you to concentrate on his “home going.” “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” Of course, we will miss Otis and all will grieve. While this, of course, did not happen to Otis, he had a heart condition for some time. Apparently he had a major heart attack.
I believe Otis would want me to say this to all of you who read this. Yes, there is a “hereafter.” Where are you going to spend eternity?

Many of you will say to yourselves, “I will wait until the eleventh hour.” What if your soul is required of you at ten-fifty nine or earlier and you have never accepted Christ as your savior?  In this life on earth, we get only one opportunity. When we pass on, there is no second chance at all. Turn from your wicked and sinful ways and let the Lord Jesus Christ be the master of your life. You need to say to your friends and family alike, “as for me and my house, we will serve the living God.”

The plan of salvation is so simple. Now, I know that what I am about to say some people who believe another doctrine will not agree with. But, for those who have never accepted Christ as their Saviour here is the plan of Salvation.

First, you must hear the message of the gospel, then believe, repent, confess your sins before man then be baptized. When you come up out of the water, your sins have been buried with Christ and are remembered no more. No, Baptism alone will not save anyone. You must follow the steps which I have outlined to you prior to baptism.

All old things pass away and all things become new when you are a new creature in Christ. People ask “will we still sin?” Of course. You and I are in a fleshly body which was born into sin. However, when you receive the Holy Ghost after your salvation experience, it does three things. First, he comforts, convicts of our sin and counsels us. When Christ ascended into heaven he said I will send you a comforter. You still have a free will even though you have been saved. It is important to do eternal business with God while you still have the chance.

Many people today concern themselves with the question, When will the world end? The answer is simply this. The world will end for all of us when the death angel comes to take our soul either to be with Jesus or Satan and His angels.

I plead with all of you, please, please, not for me, but for yourselves, give this your most careful consideration. I believe that Otis would want me to say this to all of you. The material possessions we have on this earth mean absolutely nothing. But, what does matter is your soul salvation.
Goodbye, Otis, have a restful sleep in the arms of Jesus. I pray that all of us who knew you and will read this will make that all important decision for Christ and join you.


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